Dean Conan

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Dean Conan (a pseudonym for the writer Harold Phifer) grew up in Atlanta with a single mom and an absent father. It was his relationship with his mother that strengthen his character as a gentleman. His mother moonlighted as a blues singer during Dean early years. She would take little Dean to night clubs as her way of working and keep an eye on her son. It was these seedy bars that inspired Dean Conan to go into show-business. When Hollywood failed to embrace him Dean tried to break into the modeling and the famous male revue. Yet, Dean Conan didn’t have quite the physique nor the flair to remain in men fashion so he took to the mic as a Stand-up comic. It didn’t take long for Dean to realize that he didn’t have quite the funny bone that brought audiences to knee slapping laughter. But Dean never shied away from attention so he stepped on the Broadway stage and was swiftly booted from all major shows due to poor performances and lack of skills. Finally, Dean Conan decided to pick up a pen and write fictional stories about his love life, friendships, and international travels.

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