Desaray Mnyandu

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Desaray Mnyandu was born in Turkey and grew up in Warrensburg, Missouri. Her passion for world cultures has led her to visit various countries in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Her goal is to write books that introduce children to the African continent and help them gain cultural competence at an early age. She is committed to helping children explore the beauty of African cultures and understand the wisdom in African languages in a simple way. She does this through the innovative Flip Book method (English on one side, Zulu on the other side of the same book). She hopes her writing will help children discover common affirmations that exist among all people in order to grow their own confidence as global citizens.

Desaray is a co-founder of Zulunomics, a publishing startup aimed at integrating the Zulu language into tech platforms, which includes making apps that can be used by Zulu language students anywhere.

She is an artist as well as a businesswoman who holds a Masters degree. She is married to her college sweetheart and they live outside Washington DC, together with their four children.

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