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Don Lemon is an American journalist and television news anchor. He is best known as the host of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, a prime-time news program on CNN. Lemon has been with CNN since 2006 and has covered various major news events and stories, including Hurricane Katrina, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and the protests following the death of George Floyd.

Don Lemon is considered an important figure in journalism due to his role as a prominent Black journalist and his outspokenness on issues of racial inequality and social justice. He has been recognized for his coverage of racial issues, particularly in relation to the experiences of Black Americans. Lemon's commentary and reporting have helped bring attention to important social and political issues, and he has been praised for his willingness to address topics that are often overlooked or avoided by mainstream media.

Lemon has also authored a book titled This Is the Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism, in which he shares his personal experiences and perspectives on racism in America. Through his work, Don Lemon has become an influential voice in media and an advocate for change and equality.

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