Doriel Inez Larrier

Doriel Inez Larrier photo

Doriel Inez Larrier is founder of LearnToGrowU, Larrier’s Education and Resource Network, where the motto is “I plant seeds to help you grow.” A teacher/speaker, turned entrepreneur and livestream host, she is recognized for strategic growth and virtual development of youth, entrepreneurs and small businesses, using digital marketing.

Since 2001, she has trained more than 100 entrepreneurs to start up and expand businesses, as well as provided technical assistance to governmental agencies on workflow and quality control. From ‘sun up’ till past ‘sun down,’ you can find her teaching in traditional classrooms as well as on the go. Whether it’s in her hometown of Brooklyn or across time zones, she is the ‘wing woman’ for those who want to take the next professional step. Watch her #PushTheLiveButton in virtual settings and step into her livestream office – no doubt, you’ll think and grow

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