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Erick S. Gray is an accomplished author who has been writing seriously since 1997. His writing style of the streets, comedy, anecdotes, and well-thought plots keeps the reader interested with every turn of the page.

Being born and raised on the south side of Jamaica, Queens (New York), this gifted author has brought himself out on a high note with his first endeavor. His first book Booty Call was published in 2003, and from there on, he never looked back.

Since his debut in 2003 with Booty Call, he’s been consistent with over 14 books published, participated in many anthologies, novellas and helped co-write the Streets of New York trilogy within the span of ten years.

He’s been signed to a few publishing companies from St. Martin’s Press to Black Print Publishing. He has experienced many aspects of the genre, being to self-publishing Streets of New York with co-authors Mark Anthony and Anthony Whyte, from editing stories with Q-Boro books, writing screenplays and ghostwriting up to a dozen novels.

Erick Gray is the owner/founder of 3G publishing, he is also partnered with the publishing of SLR magazine (Street Literature Review) a magazine about urban literature and upcoming authors of a growing genre, and also has a stable association with Vibe magazine.

Erick S. Gray is showing the world that not all African-American males fall into the same categories of drugs, gangs, prisons and death, where each has a staggering statistic nationwide, but he’s taking the reins of his life and career and steering himself into a better direction. His future is filled with promises of more intriguing and diverse stories for the masses to digest.

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13 Books by Erick S. Gray