Ferris Shelton

Ferris Shelton is a United States Marine Corps veteran born in Chicago. The Marine Corps allowed him to travel to Japan, Korea and other east Asian countries. During the winter of 1998, he toured El Mina and Cape Coast Castles in Ghana, Africa. The locals had told of these places and what they were. That visit was both memorable and haunting, inspiring work for 20 years on Seven Full Days.

He has lived in Atlanta but has spent most of his life in New England where he completed his Master’s Degree requirements (Cambridge College). After working for Hasbro/Milton Bradley for nearly 20 years, at their plant near Springfield, Massachusetts, (Home of the NBA Basketball Hall Of Fame), Ferris had an opportunity to work remotely in Ghana, Africa for a rice growing agri-business called ‘Quality Grain’ that was later found to be corrupt.

He lived in Ghana for nearly nine months, a true life-enhancing experience. The years spent employed at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts moved this project forward by leaps and bounds. There is no better creative environment than working close to academia. Ferris has been published, most notably in the now defunct Emerge magazine.

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