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Fred W. Kennedy

“After thirty years as a secondary school teacher and principal, I began a new career in writing Jamaican historical fiction. With the assistance of editors in Dominican Republic and Madrid, I have translated my most recent book, Huareo: Story of a Jamaican Cacique (Ian Randle Publishers, 2015) into Spanish. Both editions are illustrated with maps, original art and colour photographs, and for those who wish to further their reading and study, they contain glossaries, chapter notes and bibliography.

I have begun my fourth, entitled, Where the Pineapple Could Not Grow: Memoirs of a Maroon Chief. This novel is set in Africa, Jamaica and Canada and it too is based on the real life story of a historical figure in Jamaican history.

In our leisure time, my wife and I enjoy visits with our daughters’ families, dividing our time between Canada and my native Jamaica. My family is a tremendous support to me” —Fred W. Kennedy

Wonderful review of Huareo by Gleaner reporter, Glenville Ashby http://www.wcano.com/huareo-story-of-a-jamaican-cacique.html

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2 Books by Fred W. Kennedy

Black Power Line
Black Power Line

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