Gail Ramsey

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Gail Ramsey has a degree in justice from Temple University and also holds a master’s degree in communication from American University where she studied litigation public relations. She is the author of ’Courtroom Drama or Headline News?’ Communication and the Law Journal. A major focus of her writing is about the people behind the tragedy and their dealings with the media. She has also worked for some of the country’s top law firms assisting attorneys with trial presentations. Winner of the Art Sanctuary’s 18th Annual Celebration of Black Writing Competition for an essay on a high-profile case in Philadelphia involving the death of her sister, Gail found herself in the midst of a media and legal storm and is writing a book inspired by actual events of the Pier 34 disaster, a deadly collapse of a popular waterfront nightspot. Tick Tock, her debut novel, is a who-done-it full of intrigue, mystery, and romantic suspense.

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