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Garcelle Beauvais is a Top 100 Bestselling Author Making Our List 7 Times

Garcelle Beauvais has carved out a dynamic career as an actress, author, Hollywood producer, entrepreneur and humanitarian. Emigrating from Haiti at the age of seven, she tapped into her inner drive early by teaching herself English by watching Sesame Street.

Garcelle launched a decade-long modeling career at 17, which took her around the world and gave way to her storied acting career when she booked her first gig on Models, Inc. With a portfolio of successful television and major film roles such as The Jamie Foxx Show, NYPD Blue, Coming to America, Wild Wild West, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and most recently joining The Real as a co-host, Garcelle is a versatile force in Hollywood. Successfully navigating life after divorce, she and her ex-husband co-parent their 13-year-old twins Jax and Jaid and she is a glamorous new grandmother to her first child Oliver’s son, Oliver Jr. Passionate about using her platform to give back and invoke change, she supports several non-profit organizations and charities close to her heart.

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