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Grant Harper Reid is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Dr. Grant Harper Reid is the author of Rhythm For Sale (read our review) the Grand Prize 5-Star Award biography about his grandfather Theatre-Producer/Choreographer/Performer extraordinaire Leonard Harper. The author grew up around many of the most famous entertainers in the world. It wasn’t until he discovered and researched Leonard Harper’s theatrical legacy that he was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and connect the dots.

Grant graduated from Bard College with a degree in the Arts and studied at the National Academy of Arts and Sciences and in Ossie Davis’ New Cinema Arts Institute. Three very significant events propelled Grant before the fateful day when he discovered the family treasure chest to his grandfather’s theatrical history. A year after he was born the world famous Apollo Theater manager put out a request that the one-year-old Grant be the Apollo Theater’ s New Year’s baby. He was to be danced out on stage by soul singer Jackie Wilson. Grant’s mother didn’t allow it but just the notion was significant enough. Grant at 16 years old met, photographed and became part of the inner circle of rock guitar great Jimi Hendrix when the musical genius performed for Harlem’s United Block Association of which Reid was a photography student. In 1978 at age 25 years old Grant cast and directing Michael Jackson by grabbing him by the collar and luring him out of his limousine. It was for a Motown Records produced documentary about the Commodores selling out Madison Square Garden for two nights in a row.

Reid labored primarily in the thankless position as a freelance film locations department professional. He secured locations on major motion pictures, music videos, television shows and commercials. He also toiled in the promotional departments for Motown Records/Commodores Entertainment marketing its various artists. By accident, Grant stumbled upon a Harlem Renaissance book while exiting a local Harlem library. The book mentioned his grandfather and that one event changed the author’s life forever. Reid dropped everything and spent decades fastidiously investigating his grandfather’s life talking to old timers and undertaking research in innumerable libraries and institutions which took him as far away as the Theater Museum of London.

Leonard Harper was one of the influential African-American producers, directors, and choreographers of his era. Rhythm For Sale is a book that comes to life while exploring Harper the man and his works as a playmaker and puppeteer of the greatest Colored Musical Comedies and Floorshows of all time. Harper’s legacy and eternal stamp on Broadway was almost forgotten until Grant penned this biography.

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