Gregory S. Jones

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Gregory S. Jones is one of the co-founders of “The Paper Tiger” and co-author of the novel The Root Of All Evil.  Born in New Orleans, LA, he moved to California when he was 14 years old.  While in California Mr. Jones completed high school and went on to college for a very short period of time. Mr. Jones now resides at USP – Atlanta but upon his release plans to help educate the African-American communities on the importance of a real nationality and to also to aid in the legal fight for reparations.  Jones enjoys researching, studying and reading books that aid in the understanding of the relationship between African-Americans and the U.S., such as: The Debt by Randall Robinson, Constitutional Journal by Jeffrey St. John, The Federalist Papers, Congressional Records, Amendments 13, 14, 15, UCC, National Emergency, War Power Acts of 1933 and many others.  He plans to also to continue to reside in Georgia and work closely with his family and friends.

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