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Hope C. Clarke, is the eldest daughter of seven siblings who reside in Brooklyn, New York. She’s a single mom who divides her time between being a full-time mom, an employee of JP Morgan Chase and a devoted entrepreneur. When she isn’t cultivating her son, or playing the role of administrative assistant, she utilizes her extra time writing and self-publishing fiction novels. She considers herself a Jane-of-many-trades as she had acquired education and training in many industries including accounting, financial planning, software operations, etc. Publishing, writing, promoting and marketing have now been added to her list as she introduces her "movie-style" writing style to the public.

Hope Clarke has always been an ardent reader since Junior High School. She started off with Judy Blume stories and matured to Harlequin romances by the time she reached High School. It was during that time, while attending Norman Thomas High School, that her English professor noticed her skill in abstract writing. The annual Transcript published by Norman Thomas hosted a short story authored by her entitled "The Day When The Big It Happened". Her English professor incorporated this story as part of the literary abstract writing for his English classes. This encouragement sparked the desire to continue writing. Before graduating high school, she had written more than fifty poems and short stories.

Clarke believes that the best-written novels are a compilation of the three basic genres; romance, horror and mystery. The right balance of the three creates a limitless audience. Her style is fast paced and engaging from beginning to end. She attributes this to being self-published. She says that although the traditional market isn’t ready for her style of writing, her readers have found her style refreshing and a welcomed change of pace.

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