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J. Thurman was born in Chicago, IL and attended Southern University Agricultural & Mechanical College Baton Rouge, LA where he earned degree Psychology/Political Science. In 1998, he moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue his career in public health.

After landing a job in county government J. Thurman felt the itch to write again after being away for it most of his college career. J. Thurman was already a published author at the age of sixteen. J Thurman’s guest editorials for the Southern Digest keep his fever for writing hot, but it was still not enough. He remembers when he first met Gwendolyn Brooks, in high school, and how she welcomed him in with open arms shaping his literary future forever. A student of history, philosophy, and science he began to write again. Shortly therefore after, in 2008 The Man-You-All (A Guide to Save Black Women Time, Money & Energy) was born.

Through High Impact Empowerment Sessions J. Thurman has shown colleges and universities how to achieve extraordinary measurable bottom-line results from cultivating the power of relationships. J. Thurman is a Master communicator with degrees in Psychology and Political Science. He has worked with AUC Center in Atlanta, GA. He is a highly rated motivational speaker at conferences, colleges/universities-freshmen orientations and social events.

As a relationship columnist, he has called to task the ideas of the day and questions the way men and women look at relationships with humor and an introspective outlook.

In arriving as an entrepreneur, J. Thurman decided to take the lessons on being an Author/Coach/Power Speaker to head and formed Zodok LLC. He wanted to help turn writers into authors and from there turn authors into entrepreneurs. He states that “The purpose of Zodok LLC., was to be of service to humankind and help them overstand the nature of Choice, Prevention, and Relationships for success. In addition, another of the major functions was to create self-sufficient entrepreneurs through education, diversity, and self-empowerment”.

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