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J.T. Smith loved reading. He was always bringing books home from the school library to peruse, especially books on history and historical figures. He even seriously considered being a history teacher at one point in his life. Who knows? It could still happen. As he grew older, he developed an interest in Black History with an emphasis on the Harlem Renaissance.

A thirty-something-year-old single brother who currently resides outside of New York City, J.T. Smith was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He is the third of five children born to Joseph and Elizabeth Smith. At the age of seven, he relocated with his family to South Carolina, where both of his parents are from.

There in Columbia, he went through the public school system where he developed his writing skills with the aid of many excellent English teachers. After graduating from Spring Valley High School in 1984, J.T. Smith attended South Carolina State University and the University of South Carolina. While a full-time student, he also worked full time as a custodian and part-time at UPS to pay for his tuition at USC. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

After finishing college, J.T. moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he lived for exactly one year before moving on to New York. He has resided in both Harlem and Brooklyn over the past few years, which has provided him with vast experiences and much material to write about.

For the past eight years, he has been employed by the Westchester County Department of Social Services. His hobbies include listening to good music, reading various types of literature and traveling to the Caribbean.

’Love Don’t Come Easy!’ is J.T Smith’s take on the relationship game in New York City. Many of the scenarios in this story were either experienced, witnessed, or told to the author by some of his male friends. ’Love Don’t Come Easy!’ was meant to be a funny, fast-paced story with a few bits of insight on the game of love in it as well. Hopefully, the author has succeeded’

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