James Hickman

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James “Bullet” Hickman is his own success story. Publisher, national best-selling author, CEO, motivational speaker, documentary film maker, entrepreneur & visionary, after spending most of his youth and adult life in and out of mental institutions, group homes, juvenile prison, and adult correctional facilities, James made the decision to never go back to his rocky past by letting go of his negative self image and breaking free from structure & limitations. James became motivated to think outside the box with foresight while envisioning the future and from that moment on James Bullet Hickman’s life has been going in a whole “nother direction.

He achieved success by his own efforts all while creating successful business ventures turning his dreams into a reality by investing in him-self and his dreams. In James own words, write the vision and make it happen. Risk taking capabilities, management skills, and by being a strong team leader has attributed to his success as a successful entrepreneur while working at his dream job of being the CEO of his own businesses.

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