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John Riddick, Jr.

John Riddick, Jr. photo

Rhapsody in Black is not longer available. Information below is provided as a historical archive.

Rhapsody in BlackJohn Riddick, Jr.
Editor, Rhapsody in Black

Rhapsody in Black is a quarterly literary magazine that is a compilation of poetry, prose and artwork.  We showcase the talents of nationally selected writers and artists based on originality and content.   Our goal is to publish a diverse and creative array of works to promote both the artists and this publication.   Rhapsody in Black is a soapbox of sorts upon which visual and literary artists express themselves.  The artists retain all rights of the works submitted and authorial anonymity is preserved throughout the review process.   The opinions and beliefs of the artists are not necessarily a reflection of our staff members.  Our purpose is to stimulate consciousness.

Knowledge is Power
Death is Inevitable
Unity is Strength
Silence is Death
Hate is Stupid
Life is Short


Rhapsody in Black!

PO Box 2443 Durham, NC 27715

You can receive a copy immediately by mail order for $9.95 at the address above.  DO NOT SEND CASH.  Credit card purchases cannot be accepted at this time.

What is the significance of the title?
"Rhapsody literary means...any ecstatic or extravagantly enthusiastic utterance in writing or speech.  The title of the magazine is a play on the song by George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue), but I say "in Black" for two reasons....1)   because the magazine is primarily for "black" people or African Americans...and 2)  Black is symbolic for mystery, exotica and the unknown.  The subtext, "Creative Condensation for Literary and Visual Artists" is referring to this magazine as being a compilation of different artists' work.  And last, but not least, the "higher meaning" of the title "Rhapsody in Black" implies "harmony among blacks" or rather our community....and like the bio says...OUR PURPOSE IS TO STIMULATE CONSCIOUSNESS!"

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