Johnie Jay

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Johnie Jay broke into the writing scene in the winter of 2013 when his debut novel, Inevitable Act I, ranked #1 on Amazon’s women fiction list. He was selected for Black Expressions February 2014 alternate read and is featured in Rolling Out Magazine as "Romance’s newest voice"

If there was one word to describe Author Johnie Jay, it would be passionate. He has always been verbally passionate but it wasn’t until his first creative writing class, in 9th grade, when he found that his passion, mixed with his vast and lucid imagination could create temporary getaways. That’s all a book is real, a getaway from the world, an escape. "I want every word of every sentence to be evocative. If I can’t make you feel, taste or smell every scene that I create then what’s the point?" Romance and passion go hand in hand but when you add to it detailed and vivid sex scenes you’re left with an explosive concoction. He has blended all three harmoniously in his first romantic novel, Inevitable.

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