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Kevin “K.L.” Reeves received a BA from Harvard College and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

"Back in the world, gone are the comforts of college and the shielding outlets of my youth. Now, I am fully exposed to the truth, the past and present conditions of worlds I know. Now, on the page, I am trying to make sense of worlds I have known and new worlds I encounter. I can do this. I am mighty. Imagine the possibilities…

Now with life, I am struggling. Unbelievably. In the mirror, I do not like what I see. I am turning to prayer. I turn to the page.

Now I am trying to give up writing for the lure of money, and the idea of security and normalcy, “Kevin, you graduated from Harvard. Look at your friends. What are you doing?” I am working at this craft. I cannot quit.

Now there is learning to love better, living, working. I am becoming less suspicious of writing because it has been with me through it all: one year, two years, three years… Now there are ten years of togetherness. Growth is apparent and my vision is clearer.

Today, I am prepared. I am an artist. I am among those who work restlessly to cast light toward places where there is little light or where light is absent. I work for those who wish to live in constant consideration of the heart, those who are interested in the complexity and rhythms of the human experience. I will always fail, but I must try to capture the fullness and beauty of life on the page.

s.m.i.l.e. is my first true attempt." -- Kevin Reeves [2011]

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