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Kimberly Rochelle Lock was so fascinated with learning, that at the age of 5 during a blizzard she walked to school only to find it closed.

It was not uncommon for her to participate in statewide spelling bee contests. Since she was so advanced academically for her age, she began taking pre-college courses at the University of Wisconsin at the age of 11. In her spare time, she played basketball and musical instruments, such as the flute, baritone, harp, clarinet, and her favorite, the cello. Kim’s charisma led her to be the first runner-up at the Ms. Teen Wisconsin Scholarship and Recognition Pageant at the age of 15. While she didn’t win the pageant, she did win the talent portion of the competition, singing a song with no music entitled: “Thanks for My Child”, originally sang by Cheryl Pepsi Riley.

Publisher’s Weekly describes "Who You Callin’ Silly? How a Silly Woman Becomes Virtuous" as: "A sassy guide that helps women to move past mistakes made yesterday and to recognize their self-worth NOW."

Kimberly is married to Pastor Marlon Lock. They have five children, 4 daughters and a boy. Kim Lock assists her husband in the business aspects of their church, Unity Gospel House of Prayer, Milwaukee Wisconsin. In addition, she is a soloist in the choir and a member of the praise dance team where she dances for the Lord. She also manages and implements many of the technical designs within the church including the website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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