Lasana D. Kazembe

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Dr. Lasana D. Kazembe (a Chicago native son) is a scholar of Urban Education, Global Black Arts Movements, and the Black Intellectual Tradition. His research interests intersect Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, the Arts and Arts-based Learning, and social & racial justice in education. A committed Culture Worker, Prof. Kazembe develops and facilitates learning enrichment opportunities that intersect education, creative arts, and Africana history & culture. His aesthetic sensibilities are steeped in the deep, rich, and sentient genealogy of the African Diasporic experience. With and within this space, he inspects, reflects, and leverages history, memory, meanings, traditions, culture, art, and accumulated folk experiences. His work is interlaced with storied traditions found in jazz, blues, spirituals, Hip Hop and the deep well of Africana/Black American cultural traditions spoken and written.

Prof. Kazembe is an Assistant Professor at Indiana University (Indianapolis) and teaches in the School of Education (Dept. of Urban Teacher Education) and in the Africana Studies Program.

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2 Books by Lasana D. Kazembe