Latorial Faison

Faison is the Judge for 2018 Nation Poetry Month Poetry Contest

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Latorial Faison is an American poet and author whose poetry emerges from the depths of history. Her words have been known to prolifically testify of bold experiences. As an African American woman raised by her grandparents in the rural south, Faison’s poetry hones in on experiences that are historical and traditional as well as contemporary social and spiritual norms.

Faison’s poetic conscience runs the gamut of education and politics as she confronts issues dealing with gender, race, and equality. A native of Southampton County, Virginia, once a bedrock of the segregated south, Faison writes from a perspective that is honest, inspiring, profound, and empowering.

As of 2017 Faison has authored 11 books (shown below). She has also been published in various literary journals, magazines, anthologies, collaborative projects, and initiatives in the United States and abroad.

Her work has appeared in Obsidian, About Place Journal, Black Girl Seeks, The Chattahoochee Review, Mandala Journal, Kalyani Magazine, and Blackberry: a magazine.

Audiences of all ages are inspired by Faison, her story, and her life’s work. Book Faison for your next conference, festival, retreat, celebration, ceremony, or educational/literary event..

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9 Books by Latorial Faison