Lewis R. Gordon

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Lewis R. Gordon is an Afro-Jewish philosopher, musician, and public intellectual dedicated to struggles for dignity, freedom, social justice, across the globe. His writings address human beings’ relationships to reality and the many ways they abuse power in their attempt to avoid it. These evasions include dehumanizing practices ranging from racism to sexism to colonialism and anti-democracy.

Gordon has lectured and performed music over the past three decades on every continent except Antarctica. He speaks to communities in all walks of life: from those in academic to community centers; international political organizations to arts collectives and festivals; urban centers to remote rural villages; from state dignitaries to workers collectives and those among the incarcerated.

An award-winning author and scholar, Gordon has held distinguished academic appointments in the United States in such institutions as Brown University, Temple University, and Yale University, and in other countries such as Brazil, France, Jamaica, India, The Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, and the UK. He lectured widely across the Caribbean and Latin America in his role as the first president of the Caribbean Philosophical Association and in his recent ones of Honorary President of the Global Center for Advanced Studies.

As a musician and a cook, he has integrated musical performance, dance, and food—including having cooked for celebrations, festivals, and varieties of communities—into many of his lectures.

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