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Linda Villarosa is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Linda Villarosa is a graduate of the University of Colorado and spent a year at Harvard University as a journalism fellow. She is also the program director of the journalism department at the City College of New York where she teaches writing and media studies. She also earned a master’s degree in urban journalism/digital storytelling in 2013 from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Villarosa edited the health pages for the New York Times, working on health coverage for Science Times and for the newspaper at large. I was also the executive editor of Essence Magazine where she wrote or edited a number of award-winning articles.

Linda is one of the co-founders (with her sister Alicia and mother Clara Villarosa who founded Hue-Man Bookstore), of Villarosa Media, a boutique publishing company of quality fiction and nonfiction books primarily by and about African Americans and the African diaspora.

The Villarosa Media catalog will be comprised of new books from established authors as well as classic books reissued in digital formats. They will also support emerging authors and publish new voices with an eye on stories from non-traditional genres. As an experienced bookseller and leader in the publishing industry, Clara has a long lens view. “I’ve experienced first hand the ups downs of publishing including a time when everybody on the subway had their nose buried in a Terry McMillan book,” she explains. “Then a tsunami hit the industry, and mainstream publishers fled the black book market. Now the tide has turned and there’s an opportunity. We’re here to fill the void and bridge the gap between readers and writers by providing readers access to excellent literature and an outlet and marketplace for authors to publish their works.”

Villarosa lives in Brooklyn with her partner, two children, a cat, and a dog.

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