Lisa Allen-Agostini

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Lisa Allen-Agostini is a Trinidadian author and journalist who is known for her contributions to Caribbean literature and her work in highlighting social issues, particularly those affecting women and girls. She has written several books, including novels, poetry, and young adult fiction.

As an author, Lisa Allen-Agostini has received critical acclaim for her storytelling skills and her ability to explore complex themes such as identity, culture, gender, and race. Her works often tackle issues related to Caribbean society and challenge prevailing norms and stereotypes.

In addition to her writing, Allen-Agostini is also a prominent journalist and has worked for various newspapers and media outlets in Trinidad and Tobago. She has used her platform to shed light on important social issues, advocate for gender equality, and give voice to marginalized communities.

Through her writing and journalism, Lisa Allen-Agostini has made significant contributions to Caribbean literature and the broader discourse on social justice. Her works continue to resonate with readers and inspire conversations about important issues in the Caribbean and beyond.

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3 Books by Lisa Allen-Agostini