Lynda Johnson

AALBC Mourns the Passing of One of the Strongest Supporters of Black Authors

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Lynda Johnson was the President and Co-founder of Go On Girl! Book Club a national literary sisterhood, boasting more than 48 chapters, 500 members, across 16 states, supporting authors, in multiple genres, from the African diaspora.

Lynda was also a keen supporter of She was instrumental in awarding’s founder Troy Johnson Go On Girl! Book Clubs’s “Pillar Award” She also set up deal where AALBC contributes half of the proceeds from the sales of books, on the Go On Girl! Book Club’s reading list, to the club’s scholarship fund.

Lynda also founded (KSS), a premier website for children’s fashion. She featured the latest news in apparel, accessories. and furnishings for infants through tweens. KSS is an online resource for both fashion professionals and parents.

She lived in Harlem, New York with her husband, musician, Alonzo Wright.

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