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Go On Girl! Book Club, Inc. from Many Different Cities, United States

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Chapter Name(s): 45+ Chapters (see list)
Number of Members: 500
Street: PO 3368, New York, NY 10185
City: Many Different Cities
St: United States
Zipcode: 10185
Year Started: 1991
Contact Name:
Phone: 212-283-6323
Cell Phone:
Fax: 212-283-6323
Meeting Frequency: Monthly
Facebook Page:
Twitter ID:
Read Black Books Only (y/n): Y
YouTube Video:


Go On Girl! Book Club Has more than 45 Chapters Across the U.S.

(Partial Listing)

  • Birmingham, AL (AL1, AL2, AL3)
  • Gardena, CA (CA2)
  • Murrieta, CA (CA1)
  • Washington, DC (DC1, DC2)
  • Columbus, GA (GA1)
  • Chicago, IL (IL1, IL2)
  • Indianapolis, IN (IN2, IN3, IN5, IN6)
  • Baltimore, MD (MD4)
  • Laurel, MD (MD4)
  • Mitchellville, MD (MD2)
  • Charlotte, NC (NC2)
  • Highpoint, NC (NC1)
  • Maplewood, NJ (NJ4)
  • Old Bridge, NJ (NJ1)
  • Plainfield, NJ (NJ2)
  • Sicklerville, NJ (NJ5, NJ8)
  • Brooklyn, NY (NY3)
  • Farmingdale, NY (N12)
  • Hempstead, NY (NY9)
  • Mt. Vernon, NY (NY2)
  • New York, NY (NY1, NY13)
  • Syracuse, NY (NY11)
  • Philadelphia, PA (PA1)
  • Columbia, SC (SC1)
  • Austin, TX (TX2)
  • Houston, TX (TX1)
  • Stafford, VA (VA1)
  • Seattle, WA (WA1)

Photo: Group photo from the 2014 Go On Girl! Book Club's 22nd Annual Author Awards celebration at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland (watch videos from that celebration).

Commissions from the sale of any book on Go On Girl! Book Club’s reading list, are donated to the Go On Girl! Scholarship Fund click for more information

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