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Madeline Hampton began reading romance novels at an early age, (around age eleven). Madeline says: " I loved reading so much that soon I was checking out an average of 10-12 books a month and finishing them long before they were due. Then my love for writing began. I started writing short stories and selling them to my friends at school for $3. I even dabbed at poetry but my true love was writing stories."

After graduating from high school, Madeline served her country for three years as a flight specialist in the U.S. Military. After leaving the service with an honorable discharge, she moved back to her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. She said: "Once I was settled in, I wanted to start working and chose the health profession as my career. A co-worker referred me to a family and once I met my little lady, I knew we were perfect for each other. She lived in an assisted living facility with her husband and we bonded in just a short time. Whenever the couple slept, I wrote. Page after page just flowed and before I knew it, a wonderful story was born."

Madeline has participated in several literary conferences and book signings, including her first one which was a joint session with Victoria Christopher Murray.

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