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Mark Anthony is an author. He is also the Founder, President, and Publisher of Q-Boro Books.

Anthony has written Essence Magazine bestsellers, Paper Chasers, Dogism, Lady’s Night, and The Take Down. With each story that he tells, readers always ask the question, ’Is this a true story? Did this really happen?’ Mark takes that as a compliment and a testament to his creative ability.

Early on in his life, Mark would write stories in his spare time, sort of like a hobby, but he never had the intentions of becoming an author or a publisher. Many of those stories were written longhand in five subject spiral notebooks and stashed away in his closet. In fact, on several occasions, while cleaning his closet, Mark came close to throwing the stories in the garbage.

Eventually, Mark typed the stories he had written and let people read them, and, to his surprise, everyone loved it. The enthusiastic response to what he had written was always the same. So after much encouragement to not let his talent go unnoticed, Mark decided to self-publish his work. The success of his self-publishing efforts proved to Mark that he indeed was gifted and could stand his own against the best authors in the business. Writing has since become Mark’s passion, combined with finding new writing talent and helping to bring that talent the masses.

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