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Author Mark Makabi is the seventh of ten children of Oscar and Ernestine McNeil. Born in Brockton Massachusetts and rooted in South Carolina Mark discovered his passion for education, justice, religion, history, and the creative arts. Moreover, as the founder of Bitter Herbsz Enterprise LLC, and co-founder of the Israelite’s Remnant in Christ Ministries he launched his publishing company and The Israelite Holocaust of Slavery Memorial outreach program in addition to earning two degrees in Education and Accounting. Furthermore, he is a talented songwriter, music producer, screenwriter, and his song Acts 13:1 is the song companion for his book BYWORD. However, Mark Makabi’s search for his historical heritage lead him to understand his Biblical Israelite identity and his responsibility to guide and provide the council of the God of his Hebrew fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (descendants of the so-called Negro slaves in the Americas).

Elder Makabi’a mission is to teach all nations not only the truth of the true children of Israel (the so-called African-Americans), but of their great Israelite history that has been ransacked by the iniquity of those who have oppressed truth, facts, and the very future of humanity for centuries. In that respect, author Mark Makabi understands that the children of slavery in the Americas cannot move forward towards freedom, justice, and healing if they do not understand the truth about themselves. Thus, BYWORD “A Nation Called out of Their Name” contributes to the healing of a nation by providing them with the knowledge they deserve to empower themselves to make the American brand of racism non-effective.

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