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Mary Monroe is a 4-Time Bestselling Author

Mary Monroe is Currently #10 in Voting for Favorite Author of the 21st Century

Mary Monroe (pictured with author Victor McGlothin) the daughter of Alabama sharecroppers and the first of her family to graduate high school, had been absent from the literary scene for more than a decade. Then her novel, God Don’t Like Ugly was published by Dafina Books in the fall of 2000 placing Mary Monroe firmly back on readers’ shelves. God Don’t Like Ugly was honored with the PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles Award, went on to sell more than 250,000 copies, and remains among the most requested of Dafina Books titles. She has published five novels in the interim, including God Still Don’t Like Ugly, and last year’s New York Times bestselling novel, God Don’t Play. Now, readers anxious for more are once again rewarded with the highly-anticipated Deliver Me from Evil just published [Aug. 2007] in hardcover. Mary will be visiting bookstores and libraries across the country this September in support of her new novel.

It’s hard to resist Mary Monroe once you’ve met her or read her work. She’s a very special lady, whose somewhat autobiographical fiction is filled with the unexpected and with larger-than-life, thought-provoking protagonists. Mary’s own story is pretty amazing as well. Starting life as a sharecropper’s daughter who would get a “whupping” for having her nose stuck in a book, the road she’s traveled has been a difficult one filled with unforgettable people who have inspired her characters.

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