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Victor McGlothin

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Victor McGlothin is a 1 time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

“I’m Victor McGlothin, a bestselling novelist and filmmaker from Dallas, Texas. I’m a fan of great storytelling and always try to push the envelope until something goes boom! Anyone who’s read either of my 13 books knows that I love blowing stuff up.”

Essence bestselling author Victor McGlothin almost lost an athletic scholarship due to poor reading skills. Ultimately, he overcame that obstacle and later completed a Masters degree in Human Relations & Business. After he developed a love for the written word, Victor left a vice president position with a local bank to pursue a career in literature. He now lives in the Dallas area with his wife and two sons. I've always loved telling stories, just ask anyone who knew me in my youth. They'd say, "that Victor sho' can lie!" They were right, I could come up with some whoppers; still can. Now I'm trying to earn a living writing fiction telling lies. Some things never change. “Oh man, I love my job.”

Backsliders —the long-awaited debut short film from Victor McGlothin is based on the acclaimed novel Sinful Too. Backsliders is modern a day fable of M.E.G.A. Church Pastor Richard Allamay; who falls head over heels for an irresistible bad girl with a checkered past. Dior Wicker is in it for the games and gifts until something happens that tosses her world into a tragic tailspin. It's all over but the crying when the wages of sin are paid in full!


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