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Maxx Alexis is a Mom with one daughter and known on social media as, “Your Favorite Baby Mama.” She is the go-to Mama for Co-parenting tips. Maxx mentors other Parents to help guide them to have a better co-parenting experience so their kids can have a chance to have both parents in their lives. She has been featured on the daytime talk show, The Real and many radio morning shows to discuss Co-parenting. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, CA with her daughter and dog, Maya while producing several projects for film, television, & digital media!

“MaxLaine Alexis (Maxx) is a hardworking single mother living in Los Angeles. During the day, Maxx works in an office doing administrative and human resource work. Maxx, along with her twelve-year-old daughter, spent their nights in a car or a motel room. They receive virtually nothing monetarily or otherwise from the girls father, who lives across the country. When MaxLaine’s car broke down recently it became extremely difficult and time consuming for her to get to work and back every day. Fortunately for MaxLaine, she found an organization called Extended Family that was able to assist with getting her a place to live and, hopefully soon, a car.”read more at

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