Michael B. Jackson

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Michael B. Jackson was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He recently retired after working for 26 years with New Jersey Juvenile Corrections and Parole.

Jackson is the author of 4 books. Three Self Help books entitled, How to Love and Inspire Your Man After Prison: A Guide for Women with Men in Prison; Como Cumplir Con Tus Obligaciones Al Salir De La Prision: Guia Practica Para Una Vida Mejor and, one-time NY Times Magazine’s "This Weeks Recommendation" How to Do Good After Prison: A Handbook for Successful Reentry.

His recently (October 2014) released novel, FatherHoodlum: Chronicles of a Prison Dad, is his first venture into fiction writing. He is an inspirational speaker and the founder and host of the Internet based radio station, Prison Nation Radio.

Jackson is a passionate advocate for the rights, protections and success of formerly incarcerated people and their families and those without a voice. He lives by the philosophy that “Doing good is the best revenge” and encourages those leaving prison to take control of their own success and “Do good, with a vengeance”.

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3 Books by Michael B. Jackson