Michele Andrea Bowen

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Michele Andrea Bowen grew up in St. Louis, Mo. She has lived in Durham, NC for several decades, and it is her second home. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and graduate degrees in Social Work and Counseling Education. She went on to pursue additional graduate training, and earned graduate degrees in United States History and Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Michele has an interdisciplinary professional background. She has published several novels including Church Folk, Second Sunday, Holy Ghost Corner, Up at the College, and More Church Folk — with Grand Central Publishing. She was an Essence magazine Bestselling author.

She is currently working on a three-part series with her new publisher, and in 2012 she published an independent work, a collection of short stories titled, Riding Dirty and with Jesus? with Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing.

Michele is a grandmother and a member of St. Joseph’s AME Church in Durham, and a soloist in the Inspirational Singers Contemporary Gospel Choir at St. Joseph’s. She has also signed up to work as a volunteer for the Obama 2012 Campaign in Durham.

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