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Michelle S. Hartzog (2nd from the right) is a woman who believes in the bond of the family. Being a Black woman has brought about specific challenges that other cultures may be insensitive to. She encourages readers who are in relationships and/or have children, to read her book, The Beauty of Being a Black Woman. Her book addresses personal, relational, familial and societal issues and stereotypes that often threaten the success of the family unit. However, there are ways to overcome this and the nuggets are in her book.

Michelle met her husband,Kevin A Hartzog Sr., in college when she was just 19 years old;

“I’ve had the privilege of watching each us evolve as the attitudes around us, in some cases, remained the same. I grew up in Buffalo, NY to parents who made me feel important and because of that, I was only interested in people who cared about me too. Why date or try to establish friendships with people who don’t value you? My personal journey is a reflection of the vision that I have always had for myself and my future. This life is about choices, responses and outcomes. As a result of my life’s decisions, I’ve been in the company of positive thinkers and trailblazers. My life has been abundant.”

Learn more about Hartzog by reading her book; she promises that it will transform your life.

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