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Mickey See-Asia (Michele D. Croswell) was born in 1957, in New York City. In her first book, Don’t Run Away Make A way Queen, she inspired and encouraged many readers by disclosing the truth about her childhood, being a victim of sexual abuse. Michele speaks on the effects that her childhood abuse had on her as an adolescent and into her adult life. Her next novel, The Dominican Affair- What Every Woman Wants But Does Not Have, is a very intriguing, erotic novel, that will trigger, tantalize, enhance and invigorate feelings in her readers. The novel is a love story with a very important message. Michele is and has been an advocate and mentor for people young and old for many years.

She attended NYPD’s academy in 1983, where she accumulated her initial college credits and majored in criminal justice. She later majored in pre-law and criminal justice at Central Florida Community College, where she obtained a Certificate of completion as a Corrections Officer. She later graduated from Nyack College in New York, with distinction, majoring in Organizational Management. She served in various positions in law enforcement for over 18 years. She has been an advocate for children for almost 30 years, as a big sister, mentor, mother, role model, foster parent, child investigator and child caseworker. Croswell currently resides in Florida.

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