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Natasha Owens is a Southern girl at heart. She loves the Lord, her kids, soul music, fried fish on Fridays, and collard greens on Sundays, and struggles with her weight.

Her bad eyesight is attributed to reading in the dark as a child, after being told to go to bed. She took the traditional route and went to college, earning a master’s degree. One day her husband and soul mate Ken, told her that she should pursue her dream of writing. She heard him but did not take heed at the time for fear of failure.

For her thirty-third birthday, Ken gave her and one of her dear friends a trip to New York to see the play, The Color Purple. The night before the play, Natasha talked to her husband on the phone and told him what a great time she was having in Times Square. He called again later, as he always did, when she was away, to ensure she had made it safely back to the hotel. That Saturday, as she prepared to walk out of the hotel to see the play, she received the worse call of her life. Her husband of 14 years -- the man she totally adored with every fiber of her being -- was killed in a boating accident near their Florida home. It’s a pain that she will never get over but she had to get to on with living the remainder of the life Jesus has given to her. She decided to face her fears and live out her dreams.

Writing is something she does simply for pleasure and as an escape to another place.

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