Nisi Shawl

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Nisi Shawl (born 1955) is an author, critic, and editor known for their contributions to speculative fiction, particularly in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Shawl is celebrated for their diverse and intersectional approach to storytelling and their exploration of themes such as race, gender, and social justice in their works.

One of Shawl's most notable achievements is their novel titled Everfair, which reimagines the history of the Congo during the colonial era with an alternative steampunk twist. The book received critical acclaim for its inventive storytelling and its examination of imperialism and resistance.

Shawl is also recognized for their short fiction, essays, and critical works, many of which have appeared in prominent publications within the speculative fiction genre. They have been honored with multiple awards, including the James Tiptree Jr. Award, which recognizes works that explore gender and sexuality in speculative fiction.

Furthermore, Shawl is known for their activism within the writing community, particularly advocating for the inclusion and representation of marginalized voices in science fiction and fantasy. They have taught writing workshops and served as a mentor for aspiring writers, helping to nurture and amplify diverse voices in the field.

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