Olujimi Ojikutu

Olujimi Ojikutu photo

From Olujimi Ojikutu: “I’ve always loved Art and creativity, and it started at a very tender age. As a kid I would lie down on a chair and make a whole movie in my head, I had a very active imagination. In secondary school, I would draw comics of Super heroes I had created myself and other students would buy them.“

“I eventually concentrated in the Sciences in High School, and went on to study Education Technology, in the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I eventually got a Job on a Finance project, but my passion called on me. I would work during the day and write at night, I would even have stories in my head when I was at work sometimes. I offered to be a contributor for a local Newspaper so I could write, I also wrote a 13 episode Children’s Adventure series for a Production company that eventually wasn’t produced because of funds.“

“I eventually left my day job to concentrate on my talents fully. I started an Urban Fashion line, UrbanFU, did freelance writing for Ad Agencies, News papers, magazines, and online blogs, I was really passionate about expressing my creativity. I currently run an online blog with a friend, also shot a Short Film which I wrote ’White Cloth’ and hope to have most of my stories in Film one day. Rebirth is close to my heart because it signifies the beginning of a journey that starts with me and would one day involve the whole world knowing the stories I tell, through different media, Writing, Film, Art, Design and Music.”

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