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Omar Scott
“I’m originally from Los Angeles. My Mother is from Harlem, New York, and my father is from Alexandria, Louisiana. We moved to Dallas in the late seventies to start a new business, but things didn’t work out for my parents and they divorced when I was eight.

Growing up in a single-family home, where I was the oldest of my mother’s three kids, things were difficult. I gravitated toward gangs and crime. And it wasn’t until I was faced with going to prison and losing my friend to a senseless murder that I turned my life around. I found my calling to write.

I went back to school and studied creative writing and liberal arts at Mountain View College. It was there I found my unique voice and style. To tell crime stories from a deeper, more emotional place. To put love and passion in my stories and have endings with a twist. Then I wrote a short story called ‘Troubled Waters’ and submitted it to a reader’s website called Timbooktu. They liked it, and I was the featured author for that month. I followed that up with my first book, When a Good Will Goes Bad, then The Hands of Love, and next was Meet Mr. Wright.”

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