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Living under a constant spotlight since his role as the lead singer in the teen R&B group B2K and then through his successful solo career, Omarion Ishmael Grandberry has lived the classic life of fame and success as an international superstar. Today he has evolved into a grounded, spiritually engaged father and artist whose popularity only continues to grow. Now recognized as the “King of Unbothered” a name dubbed by his fans due to his calm demeanor amid his complex family situation, Omarion has centered his life around holistic wellness and what it means to live a good life by acknowledging his truth, exercising emotional intelligence and choosing joy. In this stunning debut, he offers an intimate lens into his spiritual journey that has inspired so many

Omarion, a Grammy-award nominated singer, songwriter, performer, actor, and author, has achieved numerous Billboard 100 top-charters and his single “Post to Be” achieved certified triple platinum. He has two children, and lives in Los Angeles.

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