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Patricia A. Saunders was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 20 years ago. She received her Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix in 2011. After the passing of her mother who had Alzheimer’s, Patricia decided that all the words that she kept to herself were to be released.

She released her first published book Through the Fire (March 2012) which covered situations, circumstances, and life lessons that have influenced her over her lifetime. Last year, the book was featured on a Coast to Coast Book Tour at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Tucson Book Festival, Miami International Festival of Books and AARP Life@50+ Spring Convention.

On a mission to complete a book a year she released her second book Loving Me which is was published and covers poetry on topics of self image, self esteem, bullying, and discovery of self-love by Author House Publishing.

Patricia A. Saunders beachHer work has been featured on In the Company of Poet, Women Owned Business Club Magazine, and Alysha Live! Radio Show and Coach Deb Bailey Secret of Success Talk Radio. She performs locally at spoken word events and Capital Jazz SuperCruise Open Mic with Grammy Award Winner Eric Roberson. Ms. Saunders was selected by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., to be panelist of authors for a discussion on Speak Out at the San Francisco Main Library.

Patricia has contributed to the book Sistah’s with Ink Voices which is a compilations of work from over 300 women authors around the world. Her work is also featured, with 25 other women authors, in Behind the Mask! The Many Faces of Bullying by Professional Woman Publishing.

She is a monthly guest blogger for Author House Author’s Digest Blog and writes for her own blog called Blessed & Curvy and Blessedpoet320 on Hubpages.

Saunders wrote her latest book of poetry called Let It Rain which spans life experiences and looking at circumstances from a different perspective. The outcome that the reader comes away with is there might be rough patches in life but to look for the good to come around the corner. She writes poems about aging, acceptance, sexuality and more. There is one poem in particular that is dedicated to Maya Angelou. The reviews state that the book will make you laugh, cry, and affirm that you're ready for the next chapter of life.

She works as a supervisor for a corporate financial organization. In her spare time, Patricia enjoys writing poetry, traveling, spending time with family and wine tasting.

Her books are available at your local book retailers, at and,

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