Professor Griff

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Professor Griff Professor Griff, born Richard Griffin, is a rapper, spoken word artist, and lecturer. He is a member of the Hip-Hop group Public Enemy, known as the group’s Minister of Information.

Griff is a licensed personal security defense instructor, an accomplished martial artist, and an avid lecturer. Remaining true to his title as Minister of Information, Professor Griff has continued his vigilance by providing information to the masses. He has published the Atlanta Musick Bizness Resource Information Publication (RIP) providing invaluable industry information for those interested in breaking into the business of MuSick.

Griff’s projects have included 7th Octave – God Damage Album; The Psychological Covert War on Hip-Hop (book & lecture); A Warriors Tapestry, Accapella Revolution, Analytics and Who Stole the Soul. Griff hosts his own weekly internet radio show “Sirius Mind RnTV.

Griff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

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3 Books by Professor Griff