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Rashida Aisha Ali

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Rashida Aisha Ali is an author, artist, educator, and philanthropist who lectures nationwide catering to female audiences, conducting workshops, seminars, and symposiums on women related topics such as health and wellness, natural healing with alternative approaches, sexuality, male/female relationships and matters relating to the spiritual and metaphysical realm.

She is a poet and author of several books on spirituality, health, romance and lyrical verse including Inner Sanctum, The Highest Joy, A song For You, The Healing Power Of God and Music Color and Medicine-A Healing For The Nations, Lyrical Butterfly (anthology) and Louisiana Lynching (biography).

Her credentials include Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, Master Herbalist, and a member of the Grand Lodge of The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.

As a healer and visionary she is a modest and low key woman of little-recognized acclaim, yet for over thirty years she has mobilized her practice traveling extensively throughout the world, from the Coast of South America through the West Indies and Caribbean Islands throughout the United States and North America to far reaching continents of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, laying on healing hands and spreading her philosophy on health, beauty, love, joy, peace and happiness.

Her self-published works, through her own publishing company, The House of Ra, have sold around the globe in prestigious bookstores as well as being housed in public libraries.

Ms. Ali's appearance is twenty years younger than her natural age for she practices the philosophy that she teaches on the secret to the fountain of youth. She possesses a delightful personality and delivers charming, witty and entertaining presentations. Her writing is a gift of spirit and her pen has been a constant love, companion, and heart's desire that continues to express and produce her life works.

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