Rebecca Walker

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Rebecca Walker is a writer, feminist, and activist.

She was born Rebecca Leventhal, the daughter of Alice Walker, a writer, whose work includes The Color Purple; and Mel Leventhal, a civil rights lawyer. When she was 15, Rebecca decided to change her surname from Leventhal to Walker.

Walker has been regarded as one of the prominent voices of Third Wave Feminism since she published an article on feminism in 1992 in Ms. magazine in which she proclaimed "I am the Third Wave."

Walker’s writing, and speeches focus on race, gender, politics, power, and culture. In her activism work, she helped co-found the Third Wave Fund that morphed into the Third Wave Foundation, an organization that supports young women of color, queer, intersex, and trans individuals have the tools and resources they need to be leaders in their communities through activism and philanthropy.

In 1994, Time named Walker as one of the 50 future leaders of America.

Walker does extensive writing and speaking about gender, racial, economic, and social justice at universities around the United States and internationally.

She graduated cum laude from Yale University.

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