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Regina Abraham

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Regina Abraham is The Academic Intervention Coordinator of an Elementary and Middle School in Harlem, where she was born and currently resides. She is also an Educational Consultant and Author at Chocolate Fudge Books where she published her first book, Pig Foot Mary: The Saga of Lillian Harris. It ’s the first release of The Harlem Legends Book Series, a ground breaking Harlem inspired children's book series created to educate, inspire and empower children with the knowledge of the people, history and culture that is uniquely Harlem.

Regina is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Administration and Supervision, has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education and Literacy and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, specializing in Behavioral Science. Regina currently holds permanent Licenses and Certifications from New York State and New York City in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Literacy. Regina Abraham is a member of the National Association for Black Scholars in Education, the International Reading Association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Central Park Historical Society.

In addition to teaching at both public and private schools, Regina has mentored Reading Graduate Students and supervised the Reading Buddies Program at Teachers College, has been an Educational Consultant for YMCA and New York University, where she created the NYU Journalism Club for Students. Regina is also the developer and facilitator of a project-based social studies curriculum themed—Harlem.

Regina is very active in the Harlem Community and beyond. She enjoys finding resources and assisting children in obtaining the skills necessary for success. In her spare time, Regina Abraham raises funds for children’s causes, writes grant proposals. She was instrumental in receiving funding from the Reading for Excellence Grant, funding for an Early Childhood Technology Lab and Resource Room, as well as grants and funding specifically targeted for resources for children in Temporary Housing in Harlem. Other projects include raising funds to provide tuition for students who have lost a parent to violence.

Regina Abraham loves to travel, read, write, paint, crochet and quilt. She has started quilting and crocheting circles among seniors and students in Harlem. Her passion is to educate, motivate, promote self-esteem and inspire children to succeed in life and strive for excellence, and will continue to write stories that embody those principles. Regina is also passionate about Harlem - its history, culture and people and will continue her work within the community - raising funds, creating programs and offering her services to its residents.

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