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Richard A. Morris grew up in a suburb of Cleveland and attended Haverford College, Case-Western Reserve University graduate school, and Harvard Business School. While at Case-Western Reserve in 1965, he volunteered in Carl Stokes first campaign for mayor of Cleveland and became his driver. In 1967, he served as an infantry rifle platoon leader in Vietnam, and before turning to writing novels, had other careers as a custom home builder and a building code development specialist.

David Willson of the Vietnam Veterans of America describes Morris’s first novel, Cologne No. 10 For Men (2007), as a “funny Vietnam War infantry book… Read it and be amazed.” Writer’s Digest calls it “a superb novel of the Vietnam war… that compares favorably with those earlier ‘dark humor’ war novels such as Catch-22 and M.A.S.H.Kirkus calls his second novel, Well Considered, (2010) “a sensitive study of race and history in the American South,” and “a multilayered thriller.” Writer’s Digest says that his novel Canoedling In Cleveland (2014), a young adult adventure which examines environmental pollution and racial segregation in 1960 Cleveland, “deserves a place in every middle school and high school library.”

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