Rodney D. Coates

Rodney D. Coates, Ph.D. is Professor of Sociology and Gerontology and the Director of Black World Studies at Miami University. He has published extensively in the area of critical race and ethnic relations.

Rodney D. Coates

Visit Mr. Coates’ web site.  It is simply one of the best designed poet sites I’ve seen to date — and I’ve seen many. — TDJ

My task:
to bring sight to the blind
to heal wounds of affliction
and to set captives free…
this is what i was called
to do…
and poetry is my vehicle.

                     — umoja, rodney c

Love Notes  
in the Key of C  
by Rodneyc//98        

Grey clouds,   
The Presence of you,   
race across the mid-night sky.   

Distant storms,   
yesterday when we were not,   
echoes on the horizon.   

Souls Embracing,   
from the beginning of time.   

Life dictates its own reality.  
Discovering Each Other.     

Remember, hold on to the dream…….   
our  First Kiss.   

You, hesitant voyagers….  
through enchanted rhapsodies,   
do remember don’t,  
feel the passion of our thoughts, you?   

It was only…….  
dreams do come true sometimes, yesterday.   

Ignore the music, check out the rhythm  
Ignore the rhyme, check out the meaning  
Ignore the minute, check out the moment  
Ignore the line, check out the time  
Carnival of joy,   
love tapestries, woven against the seas of our time.   

Enchanted Moments,   
etched across Our Souls Entwined.   

Holidays for lovers,   
finding meaning within the flowers.   

Cool rhythms,   
love notes in the key of c 

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