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Dr. Ronald L. Mallett is a physicist whose theory that “space and time can be manipulated” to make time travel possible has gained national media attention. His research and theories flow nicely through this easy-to-read autobiography. Mallett is one of the first African-American Ph.D.s in theoretical physics.

Mallett served in the U.S. Air Force for four years. He received his B.S. in Physics in 1969, M.S. in 1970, and Ph.D. in physics in 1973, all from Pennsylvania State University. In 1975 he joined the faculty at the University of Connecticut, where he is a professor of theoretical physics. He has published many papers on theoretical physics in professional journals. His time travel research has been featured in an hour-long TV special, “The World’s First Time Machine,” as well as publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, New Scientist, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe, and Pravda.

Ronald’s brother, Keith Mallett is a world reknown artist and book illustrator.

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