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“Africans came to America before, during, and after enslavement. Don’t start our history at the end; start it at the beginning.”

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Dr. Runoko Rashidi (August 16, 1954 – August 2, 2021) was a historian, writer, and public lecturer with a pronounced interest in the African foundations of humanity and civilizations and the presence and current conditions of Black people throughout the Global African Community. He is particularly drawn to the African presence in India, Australia and the islands of the Pacific.  He has lectured at ninety universities and has made major presentations in over 60 countries. He is the author of African Classical Civilizations and the editor, with Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, of the African Presence in Early Asia—the most comprehensive volume on the subject yet published. Rashidi is very active online and has coordinated an educational tour to India entitled “Looking at India through African Eyes”.

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